I am full. Why do I eat when I am full? Its like my belly isn’t hungry but my mouth needs the taste, the feel of something in my mouth. I just had tortilla chips, smothered in cheese (low fat, obviously) and dipped in salsa. It was my second plate of the day. Its like once I get something in my head, I cannot do anything to get it out until I eat what I am focused on. Any tips on getting over this? I could use any suggestion you have. 

I feel guilty for not going for a run today. I went for a run yesterday and it was actually pretty good. Managed to do 3k in about 25 minutes. I feel like I should have gone again today. I spent all winter complaining about how I wanted to get out of the apartment and go for a run and yet now that the weather is nice, I still don’t go. 

I also ate like garbage this weekend. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I enjoy a glass or two of wine on the weekends. Well…..that and I had a cronut today for dessert. 

Tomorrow at work we are going out for burgers for lunch. I preordered a turkey burger, but its also smothered in brie cheese, so its not exactly a healthy choice. 

I’m scared to see what the scale reads. 


Well hello there! Welcome to my weight loss blog. I have a real blog out there on the internet, but I have recently decided to lose weight and I didn’t feel like I could be completely honest when people knew my real identity.So I have started this blog with the intention of being 100% completely honest with you, my followers. Here I will document my food, exercise, feelings and struggles losing weight. I’m hoping this will give me some accountability. Stay tuned - tomorrow I will post my starting weight!